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10 typical things that happen when you go out partying

Go out for a "chill out" night and end up drunk

Because there are days when we want to look like normal people and enjoy of the next day without a hangover, we make ourselves a utopian promise that we never carry out "a chill out night". Those are the biggest night!

10 typical things that happen when you go out partying

Party Hard

They add you in a Whatsapp group and convince you to go out

Even though you weren't planning on going out, your friends start talking about all the possibilities and everything they can do on that fantastic night ... until without even knowing, you are out partying with them

Talk to friends on Whatsapp to party

You don't know what to wear until the last minute

It seems that your wardrobe has quadrupled its size and starts to appear clothes you didn't even knew you had. And the question arise, what will be that killer outfit for tonight? Tough choice. 

Choose clothes to go out tonight

The guest list is until 1:30 and you get to the club at 1:29

The "punctuality" of the Spanish people is very well known: between the "what sould I wear" and that our friend is "almost getting there" (and hasn't even left his house) we always get there 1 minute before the time we should have been.

Arrive late to the appointment

They talk to you when the music is super loud and you act like you are understanding what they are saying

Putting on your "interested" face and nodding yes or no is the key for it. Unless you are really interested in what they are saying and your hearing superpowers re-emerge.

Talking to loud music

It is 2:00am and the battery of your mobile dies

You take away the data, put it in airplane mode, low the brightness and say a prayer. Nothing works so ultimately your mobile follows lifes natural course and runs out of battery in the most inopportune time.

Low battery power when you go out partying

That person you thought was ugly over the hours / drinks turns out to more handsome than what you thought

At night we all look so much better. We go from the "No way" to the "well it's not that bad" depending on the hours that have passed, the drinks we have drank and the sympathy of the person.

Invite drinks to the girl you like in the disco

You go down the street dodging "lateros" that want to sell you a "cerveza beer"

If you have never played American football, you have the chance to do so every night when going out the club, trying to dodge all the "lateros" trying to sell you a "cold beer"

Buy a beer from the street vendor outside the disco

Someone tags you in a photo, without mercy, in which you look horrible

It is a tradition, if there is something or someone you don’t want to remember, no worries: you won’t not only remember it but someone will immortalize it tagging you in a horrible photo or passing it through in Whatsapp. Besides, they will re use the image to portray an example in a list of 10 things that happen when you go out to party. 

The photos you see the next morning where you get drunk

In the morning you start connecting the dots and remembering what really happened the night before

Sometimes you get a mysterious “hello” from someone you gave your number to and thats when you start to remember. Other times is just a friend to say “My god, what you did last night…”.

Oh my God, what a night! Hangover of the day after