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The Oh My Club Madrid nightclub located in the heart of the financial center, on Rosario Pino street, is considered one of the most glamorous and luxurious nightclubs in Madrid due to the exclusive parties it offers every week. The most stylish people in the capital meet at this nightclub to live unforgettable and select nights, so the atmosphere you can find in the Oh My Club disco is impressive.

This club has a spacious room divided into 4 rooms and, in each of them, a different musical style is played, so it will seem that you are at five different parties within the same place . You can find the main room which is the largest, the Prince room, the Garden room and the Petit room and the music that predominates in this club is Reggaeton, House, commercial music, among others. At the Oh My Club Madrid nightclub , you will also be able to enjoy a great restaurant service with the most exquisite dishes.

oh my club madrid

 Oh My Club Tickets


If you want to go and enjoy one of the parties offered by this incredible club, you have at your disposal up to three different types of Oh My Club tickets so that you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

The first option that the Oh My Club Madrid nightclub  offers you is the ticket without List, which is the normal ticket. You will have to buy this type of ticket in advance on our website or at the club's box office ; The price of the ticket depends on the party that is celebrated or the day of the week that it is, normally it has a cost of €20 with a drink included . We recommend that you get your tickets in advance to ensure your place inside this exclusive club, since it is generally in high demand, and it is also advisable to go to the club in advance so as not to have to wait in long queues.

The second option offered by the Oh My Club nightclub is the entry through the Guest List , which is the most used and recommended option by the clients of this club. By signing up for the Oh My Club List , which you can do alone or with friends, you will be able to get a discount on the price of tickets up to a cut-off time at night , it is an easy, safe and fast way to enter. to this luxurious nightclub at the best price. 

To carry out the process and sign up correctly, you have to do the following: Choose the party you want to go to with your friends, for example the "Capricce" Friday party, write your personal information, select the number of friends who come with you and sign up e. It is the most economical type of tickets, since you will not be forced to pay high prices to go out to party, and in addition, you can use the Oh My Club List, every day you feel like it.

oh my club madrid

The last ticket option is the most exclusive and glamorous, which is reserving a VIP table at Oh My Club . This club has a large number of VIP tables, where you can live your party in a unique way with your friends, and with the privacy and comfort you are looking for . In addition, in relation to quality-price, reserving a VIP table in this club is very worthwhile, since the reservation includes: tickets, the reserved area in the area you choose, a bottle and soft drinks (which you can choose there among all the selection they have).

oh my club madrid

From this moment on, you can now choose which type of tickets is the one that interests you the most, get it now for the next event at the Oh My Club Madrid nightclub and enjoy great nights with the best music of the moment and the top atmosphere of Madrid. the capital.

Some aspects that are important before coming to the Oh My Club Madrid nightclub are: the type of music of Oh My Club, the schedule of Oh My Club , knowing how to sign up for the Oh My Club List, knowing until what time you can enter, the price of Oh My Club tickets , etc.

On the other hand, this club also has regulations to control the people who access its parties. That is why it is important that if you go to the Oh My Club Madrid nightclub during the week you have to be at least 18 years old, and if you go on the weekend, the minimum age at Oh My Club will be +25 , remember to bring the valid and original DNI, driver's license or passport, since they will ask you for it. Then, the other regulation that you must comply with is the clothing at Oh My Club that , following the line and the image that this club wants to convey, the clothing of the attendees has to be neat, formal and elegant. . Keep in mind that the tickets that we have mentioned before do not guarantee access to the club, that is why, before coming, make sure that you comply with everything.

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At the Oh My Club disco, you will be able to live unforgettable nights to the rhythm of the best House, Commercial, Reggaeton, Funk, as well as being surrounded by a spectacular atmosphere. If you were hesitating whether or not to go to the  Oh My Club Madrid nightclub , surely from this moment on, you have felt a mad desire to enjoy the most exclusive and amazing events in the capital of Madrid, you will not regret it. we assure you.

If you have any questions about the Oh My Club Madrid nightclub, or simply want to find out what events it has prepared for the next few days to buy your tickets, here is a link with all this information.

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