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The discotheque Teatro Barcelo Madrid is one of the most historic and exclusive nightclubs in Madrid. This club, opened in the 80s, has been changing over time and has been modernizing and innovating, even so, this old theater, completely transformed into a nightclub, still maintains the same essence and spirit of always. This club has a huge space composed of 3 different floors where you can enjoy different musical styles in each of them: the main room (Main Room), the "Upper" room, the "Scotch" room and on the top floor "El cielo de Barceló".

Do not wait any longer to buy your tickets, we assure you that you will live one of the most incredible nights of your life thanks to the Teatro Barceló Madrid nightclub is going to give you the best party in the capital of Madrid with a super varied atmosphere with both national and international people. They are already prepared and are sure that you will want to repeat every week, are you?

teatro barcelo madrid

Teatro Barceló Madrid Entrance


If you want to attend any of the parties of the outstanding nightclub Teatro Barceló Madrid, this club makes things easy for you, that's why it offers you different options of Teatro Barceló tickets so you can choose and have the opportunity to experience the authentic Madrid nightlife.

Guest List tickets: This type of tickets are the most recommended and used by visitors to the Teatro Barceló Madrid nightclub for its great benefits. If you sign up to the guest list of Teatro Barceló, you will get great discounts on the price of your tickets until a certain time limit of the night and you will be able to access this club through a priority access. So, every time you join the Barceló Theater List, the price of your ticket will be 25€ with two drinks until 1:30 a.m. It's amazing!

If you and your friends want to sign up to the Barceló Theater List there is no problem, since you can sign up individually or as a group, and all you have to do is: Select the party you want to go to, fill in the form with your personal information and click on the button where it says "Sign up". After this process, you will receive a confirmation of access that will allow you to enter the Teatro Barceló Madrid nightclub. 

Normal tickets: The visitors who decide to buy the normal tickets at the Teatro Barceló Madrid nightclub box office is basically because they do not know the Guest List, as it is an option with a higher price. The ticket price can vary between 25-30€ with a single drink included. In addition, you will have to wait in long queues to gain access to this amazing club.

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VIP table reservation: If you are not convinced by any of the two previous options, you have a last alternative: the VIP table reservation at Teatro Barceló. Paying a minimum price of 180€ and being a maximum of 4 people, you will be able to enjoy a great VIP night with all the exclusivity possible and with the most professional and personal treatment, you will feel the center of attention of the entire Teatro Barceló Madrid nightclub. The prices of the tables may vary depending on the area of the club, depending on the drink you choose, or if you are more people.

From here, now that you know the three options of tickets you have, you can choose the one you like and get it as soon as possible. 

teatro barcelo madrid

On the other hand, before coming to enjoy the incredible parties at the Teatro Barceló Madrid nightclub, you should know that they have an access policy that they carry to the letter, so you must comply with the following: on Thursdays, the minimum age of Teatro Barceló is +19 and on Fridays and Saturdays is +25 and dress in Teatro Barceló must be an elegant, sophisticated and very elegant style, so avoid coming dressed in tracksuits, flip flops, sportswear, sunglasses, etc.. If you violate any of the rules just mentioned, we assure you that you will not enter the Teatro Barceló Madrid nightclub.

On the other hand, it is also important that you know the type of music at Teatro Barceló, the access time limit (1:30h), the schedule of Teatro Barceló, etc..

teatro barcelo madrid

Reading this, we know that you have entered a crazy desire to party at the Teatro Barceló Madrid nightclub, so do not wait any longer, look for the next party and get your tickets, sign up to the list or if you want a more exclusive experience, book a VIP table. We assure you that fun, madness, glamour and exclusivity is the least that this club offers you, as they will make you live the best night of your life.

Next, we provide a link where you can find much more information about the Teatro Barceló Madrid nightclub and you can see what are the next parties they are preparing, click!

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