• Calle Goya 79
  • L2 metro
  • 00:00-06:00
  • Commercial
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Parties at Club Vandido

    • Wednesday, 22 of May
  • ✅ Thursday - Vandido

    ✅ Thursday - Vandido

    • Thursday, 23 of May
    • Commercial
    • 19
  • ✅ Friday - Vandido

    ✅ Friday - Vandido

    • Friday, 24 of May
    • Commercial
    • 23
  • ✅ Saturday - Vandido

    ✅ Saturday - Vandido

    • Saturday, 25 of May
    • Commercial
    • 26

Music at Vandido

Main Room

  • Commercial

Photos of Vandido

The new Vandido club arrives in Madrid to stay and become a benchmark in the capital among the most select and chic public in the city.

A new environment in which there will be no lack of glamour, but above all where you can spend the best nights. With a classic, retro and eighties appearance, it adapts to current needs with a spectacular implementation of state-of-the-art technology and lighting, surround sound and an unprecedented experience for an unforgettable night.

It advocates the coexistence of different types of public, giving special value to a multi-genre musical programming, proposing a journey that goes through all musical styles. In addition, we could say that it is the meeting place for many influencers who live in Madrid.

Meet the world of Vandido by the hand of Madridlux with tables and bottles for groups of 5-6 people from 200 euros

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VIP Tables & Menu in Vandido


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