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Best Stag Do Cities In Europe

A bachelor party is the most important step in the life of a man about to get married: it's the last moment to have 100% fun with his friends, to spend a crazy weekend or to leave with a head full of fiery memories. In Europe, there are several ideal cities to have an unforgettable bachelor party!b Find in this article the best stag do locations in Europe.

Best Stag Do Cities In Europe


Bucharest is one of the most unusual destinations for an unforgettable stag party! You will have an incredible change of scenery, and discover a city full of charm.  For the clubbing fans, Bucharest hosts the best clubs in Europe, with pool parties offered during the day. Moreover, if you book a table with bottles, it will be super easy to get into a club. The local gastronomy of the city is interesting, many visits of the city are to be made and moreover you have also the possibility of visiting the castle of Dracula at 3h of road! For the unusual activities, you can do shooting, paintball or ball-trap.




Budapest is known as THE destination for stag parties, and we understand why when we see the list of activities offered: beer bike, car smash, man VS dog, karting, bubble soccer and many others! You should also know that Budapest is also the world capital of baths, that's why you have two options to go there: during the day to relax and recover from the crazy parties, or at night to have the best pool party of your life!

To finish your day, you can go to the famous "Ruins Bars", ruins converted into bars or discotheques, which host the incredible typical Eastern European parties.




Amsterdam is an ideal city to spend an unforgettable stag party. First of all, you must visit the Red Light District, the famous red light district where you can find bars and pubs, naughty shops and where the most sultry parties take place. Then, you will be able to have fun in the countless coffeeshops: be careful what you eat, it would be silly to spend the rest of the weekend in the wits! Once the sun is down, why not rent a limousine to go to the many bars and clubs of the city!




Exit the cities of the Eastern countries, it is towards Spain that we find the city the most adapted to all the crazy stag party: Ibiza! Between paradisiacal beaches, vacation atmosphere and incredible nightclubs, you are bound to live incredible experiences in this little corner of paradise. Many activities are available, between land and sea: quad biking, boat party, buggy, jet-ski, paintball, paddle surfing or even skydiving. You can also participate in the numerous pool parties organized in the hotels or nightclubs, such as the Ushuaia Club. And as far as nightlife is concerned, you won't be disappointed: you are in the city of clubbing! Head to the most famous clubs such as the Pacha Ibiza, the Amnesia, the Ushuaia Club or the Hî Ibiza. You will come back from this stag party with beautiful colors and wonderful memories.




Berlin is undoubtedly the undisputed capital of clubbing (electro, techno, house, minimal techno): you can find many trendy clubs, crazy parties, original atmospheres, and ideal activities for a memorable stag party. If you go in summer, you can participate in the numerous parties organized in the four corners of the city. During the day, you can opt for go-karting or a beer-focused activity. And the must of the city: some clubs are open 24 hours! The Berghain opens from midnight on Friday to midnight on Sunday non-stop... you can also hang out at Club der Visionnaire during the day and in many other unusual places.



Paris, the romantic capital of France, offers a vibrant and unforgettable experience for those celebrating EVGs. With its rich history, picturesque architecture, and lively nightlife, the city provides an ideal backdrop for an epic bachelor party. From cruising along the Seine River, sipping champagne beneath the glittering Eiffel Tower, to exploring the trendy bars and clubs of Le Marais or Pigalle, Paris offers a diverse range of activities to suit any groom's taste. The city also boasts world-class cuisine, providing an opportunity for the group to indulge in exquisite French delicacies at Michelin-starred restaurants or enjoy a casual night of wine and cheese tasting. Whether the groom and his friends seek adventure, relaxation, or a wild night out, Paris is sure to deliver an EVG experience filled with memories that will last a lifetime.

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