Club Bling Bling Madrid

The Costa East Group continues to expand throughout the capital. And is that is to hear this name in Barcelona and know that they are the kings of nightlife. After his first opening in Madrid with OPIUM Madrid and two years of success without parons return to the charge to bring us the twin sister of one of the most exclusive premises in Barcelona Its name is known by many, and it is, Bling Bling. Its opening will take place in 2017 and its location will be in Plaza de Colón, in the old Hot Club. The line that will follow Bling Bling Madrid is like her sister in Barcelona, ​​a place of the most elegant and exclusive for a public of the most demanding.

Bling Bling Madrid

As we have said before Bling Bling Madrid will be in Plaza de Colón, just steps from one of the most TOP restaurants in the capital, Habanera. further to have a location of the most advantageous and prestigious to make the most elitist and chic public of Madrid go to this new place has behind it the fame that has achieved OPIUM Madrid being for two years one of the most unique premises in the capital.

Bling Bling Madrid

Do you want to know everything in detail? The only thing we can confirm is that by the end of this year the venue will open its doors to change the night of Madrid so go get ready for a before and after in your nights and new news on areas that will include Bling Bling Madrid, VIP areas, different types of music, etc.

Bling Bling Madrid

Meanwhile to satiate your desire to know Bling Bling Madrid and spend a great night, in you can join the VIP List from Monday to Sunday in the best nightclubs in the capital, book your VIP table and make any inquiries by Whatsapp at 692 383 870.

Tic ... Tac ... Tic ... Tac ... Start the countdown of Bling Bling Madrid!

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