Club le boutique madrid price of the tables and reserved vip

Le Boutique Madrid nightclub reserved for VIP tables

Guest list and VIP Reservations

Le Boutique club is located in the golden mile of Madrid being more accurate in the Serrano street 45. Due to this magnificent location The boutique opens its doors on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and festive eve.

In this post we will show the prices of the reserved / VIP tables per day:

- Monday: Le boutique starts the week with an international party for university students, foreign and national public in general called Any Given Monday for Le boutique. The prices of the VIP reserved are 150 € each 5 with the option of discount of 140 € reserving it in advance to the telephone +34692383872

- Thursday: we will find a mix of international audience as national around the age range between 20 and 34 years. The price of VIP tables in any area will be € 140 with advance reservation.

- Friday: we started the weekend with a national public of 25 to 35 years being very habitual to access the discotheque through a reservation of VIP table, its price will be 140 € with the option of gift of champagne passing a minimum of turnover.

- Saturdays: large influx of public so they form large queues of entry, highly recommended to enter by reserved / VIP table to not have to wait being their price per table and minimum bottle of 140 €.

Sometimes if the group is 5 people and Le Boutique is with capacity is necessary to buy 2 bottles per table (cases of holiday eve, Christmas). We have talked about the minimum consumption from now on depending on whether it is Premium bottle its price will be around 180 220 € as can be the bottle of 0.7l of Gray goose, magnum 1.5l 500 € approx etc.

Le Boutique Club

Le Boutique has vip tables in two areas, both of them glued to the track to fully enjoy the atmosphere, both VIP areas have the same price of minimum consumption and count between the two with approximately 30-40 tables. The price of the table vip will increase by the number of people needing to increase in relation to the minimum consumption of the table vip. The tables / vip reserved include:

1 bottle (minimum consumption price 140 standard bottle non-premium)
Free cover entry.
Refreshments (including red bull)

VIP area
To book table VIP is as simple as sending a whatsapp to +34692383870 or enter the web

Guest list and VIP Reservations