Kapital Club dress code

What should I wear to enter Kapital Club? Find here the best Kapital Club dress code tips!

Kapital Madrid is one of the best clubs in town. It is located in a huge 7-floor building with 7 different rooms, music genres, and style. So if you are clubbing at Kapital Madrid tonight, let's make sure you will definitely dress to impress!

The Kapital Club dress code is smart. You don't need to dress extremely elegant but make sure you look classy avoiding casual and sporty outfits. Do not wear sporty shoes, pants, and shirts. Avoid wearing short pants, sleeveless shirts (for boys), or flip flops. 

Kapital Club Dress Code

Some Kapital Club dress code ideas for girls would be a nice, short dress or jeans and elegant blouse with heels or platform sandals. For boys, we suggest jeans and long sleeve shirts with a pair of nice casual shoes.

If you decide to book a VIP table at Kapital, bear in mind that you will definitely be seen and photographed. Be sure that for VIP Kapital parties you will definitely dress to impress.

You can enjoy any of Kapital Club parties on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Kapital Madrid opens at 00h and closes at 6:00h. Remember that you can join Madrid Lux Guestlist and get discounts on your entrance before 1:30h. After joining the guestlist, you will receive a BIDI code on your mobile phone that grants you entry to the club for 17€ with 2 drinks included before 1:30h. After 1:30h, the Kapital Club price is 15€ with 1 drink included. 


For more information about Kapital Club dress code, prices, VIP table bookings, or general details about Kapital, call us or text us at +34 692 383 870.