Club boom room madrid price of the tables and reserved vip

Boom Room Nightclub Madrid, formerly the Marmara or Vog room, is located at the foot of the NH Eurobuilding hotel and is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, also opening the festive eve.

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The target audience is an exclusive "chick" style, casual with touches rogues that will start from an age depending on the day of the week. The music is commercial the 3 days mixing hits, r&b, pop.

We start the week with University Thursdays: The age is from the age of 19 and the list prices are as follows:

-Girls: the price for girls will be free until 2:30 or offer of drinks of 2x15 €.

- Guys: the price of the VIP list for boys is 12 € with drinks or 2 drinks 15 € all night.

The reserved / VIP tables both in VIP Zone and secondary areas will be at 100 € the bottle for every 5 people.

The weekend both Friday and Saturday will be the same entrance prices always attending in the Antonio Calero VIP list but its price increases by 40% aprox:

- Girls will enter VIP list free until 2:30 or can have access to the offer of two drinks € 15 after that hour € 15 with consumption.

- Guys  can enter free before 2am or two drinks € 18, after that hour € 15 with a drink.

The price of the drinks inside will be about 10 € 12 aprox, import drinks between 12 and 15 € aprox. The price of entrance in Boom Room without VIP list will oscillate the 18 €.

Boom Room

If we have to opt for a choice between VIP lists waiting for large queues or enter with VIP table without waiting for queue your area reserved for dancing .. Without doubt this second option would be the most successful with a minimum cost per person from € 24.

Once inside Boom Room The most scruffy party in Madrid makes you participate in a madness of despondency by giving customers free shots of Jagermeister, certainly in Boom Room Madrid does not exist "a drink and home".

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For more information on the price at the Boom Room nightclub, VIP table reservation, company event do not hesitate to contact www.madridlux or whatsapp at +34692383870